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A successful beginning

Deallink started with ideas from three investment bankers tired of paying abusive prices for outdated platforms and unnecessary features.

After an extensive market research, the three friends realized the opportunity to improve and increase competitiveness in the virtual data room market.

The results of the survey were exuberant. Out of the 287 legal advisors and investment bankers surveyed, 82% reported that have never used a research feature, where the number rises to...

After the results of the 1st survey, we realized the need to deepen the understanding of what these professionals are really looking for in a virtual data room and a 2nd survey was carried out covering new points.

After the results of the 2nd survey, we realized that the success of the transaction, when using a virtual data room, is in the external users hand. Therefore, without forgetting the more robust features like real-time reports, Q&A forum, etc. we focused on the experience of external users, consequently developing a tool that is 100% focused on the success of your transaction.

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